We make immersive 3D online tours for your future space from scratch or using your existing 3D model.

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Munich, Germany

R7 Apartment 02

Munich, Germany

Munich Crowns

Munich, Germany

R7 Apartment 01


Don't limit yourself by pictures, create complete immersion

New era of Real Estate Marketing

In traditional virtual tours, there is only one viewpoint per room with a simple transition into another room by fading the screen in and out. RAUMTOUR offers 3D transitions between every point in the tour which allow you to fully immerse yourself in a virtual space and quickly navigate and understand the layout of the premise.

All devices, no downloads.

RAUMTOUR works on all devices and modern browsers with an internet connection. No need to download any app or plugin. It only takes seconds for your RAUMTOUR to load and be explored.

VR support coming soon

Explore RAUMTOUR projects in immersive stereoscopic VR. Manage and load your RAUMTOUR inside your standalone VR headsetand explore the beautifully rendered space in 3D without any need for cables or a connected PC. This also allows you to bring a RAUMTOUR VR experience to the customer or remote places outside of your showroom.

Physical Lookaround

Explore your virtual tour by physically looking around with your mobile device or tablet. This makes exploring your virtual space even more fun and immersive.
Open one of your example tours and try it out yourself!


For visualization studios

Excite you customers with new ways of showcasing virtual spaces and by offering unique marketing solutions. RAUMTOUR presents your renderings in a whole new way, is easily accessible on a every device and is quickly created from your existing 3D date.

For designers and architects

Freely explore your architectural projects without compromises. Offline rendered image quality combined with easy sharability via web links or immersive VR experiences on standalone headsets give you the flexibility for communicating your ideas to your partners and customers, and iterate on your designs.

We also offer high quality 3D visualization for your space from scratch if you do not have a 3D visualization of your project yet. For more visualization references please visit our partner website:Beyond Matter Studio

For developers

In traditional virtual tours, there is only one viewpoint per room with a "jumping" into another room. Our tours allow you to smoothly move through the virtual space and giving you the feeling of being  fully immersed. You intuitively navigate the tour and naturally understand the layout of the premises.

How is RAUMTOUR made?

Creating your own RAUMTOUR is fast and easy.


Contact us on hello@raumtour.com with details about your project and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Provide us with your 3D files* or if you do not have a 3D visualization of your project yet, we can create one for you.


Get a link to the finished tour and add it to your website, social media account or share the link via email.

* we support 3DS Max projects, set up for rendering with Arnold, Corona or Vray